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This Momma of 3 was out of shape and in desperate need of a change. I had tried the at “home videos” but they just weren’t working for me. I had no support and accountability. So I started looking for a family friendly gym in Canyon where I could bring my kids and where they were welcome. After reconnecting with a high school friend at a health and wellness event she suggested I check out Lazy S Fitness. 

I was terrified the first time I took a class. Not only was I embarrassed at how out of shape I was, but I also had all 3 kids with me and was worried they would interrupt the class and I would get nasty looks. But boy was I wrong!!! 

The moment we stepped into that gym and met everyone I knew we were at the right place! Everyone was friendly and welcoming (especially to my kiddos) There were plenty of toys for the kids to keep entertained while I worked out. 

Stephanie was amazing and coached me through the workout and suggested modifications when needed. I left that first class sweaty, exhausted, sore but felt AMAZING! Over the last 10 months I have pushed my body more than I ever have and have found muscles that I never knew existed. 😉 I would have never stuck with it if it weren’t for Stephanie and all her clients at Lazy S Fitness. They truly are my #fitfam. The bond you form while working out is such an amazing experience.


I had my daughter in October 2016. I went into my pregnancy overweight and gained weight throughout my pregnancy. After having my daughter, I tried various diets and workouts on and off for over a year with little to no success. I was the heaviest that I had ever been. I was self-conscious. I was constantly tired. I had no motivation. I hated how I looked and felt. But I never could get anything to stick. I had a
Facebook friend from church that shared a post about Lazy S Fitness doing Free 1 hour consultations for training. I decided to give it a shot because at this point what could it hurt, there was nothing to lose but
at most an hour of my time. That was in late October 2017 and I haven’t looked back.

Lazy S Fitness gave me my life back, my motivation back, and my self-confidence back. I started working out with Stephanie and following her prescribed supplement and meal plan after Thanksgiving 2017. I’m now down 20+ lbs and many inches. I’m seeing results I didn’t think I would ever see. This studio and this woman has changed the way I look at “dieting” and “working out”. I love going to my training sessions because I know that Stephanie is going to push and encourage me the
whole way through. I know that it might hurt and I might be sore, but I also know I’m going to see results. I also love this “diet”. I put that in quotes because I can eat a lot of things that other diets don’t let you eat and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on all things yummy. This “diet” is easy, which makes it so simple to stick to. Stephanie has so many suggestions and ideas to help the meal plan and supplements
fit your needs and tastes. I’m one of those people that can’t eat a ton of meals in a day. It isn’t practical for me. So she has worked with me and my schedule to still be sure I’m getting what my body needs. I’m
also what some would call a “picky eater” and she has still managed to give me ideas to fuel my body and help me lose weight.

I work out one-on-one with Stephanie twice a week and when I can, attend kick-boxing group class once a week. Every session pushes me to my limits. And every session gets me closer to my goals. I love that
Lazy S Fitness offers different options for different needs, whether that be two one-on-one sessions a week, four one-on-one sessions a week, just group classes, etc. It’s whatever will get you to your goals
within your budget and needs.

Lazy S Fitness fits my life and my needs. I’ll never forget the first time sitting down at the studio to discuss my goals and whether or not this was a good fit for me. The one comment that Stephanie made that really stuck with me was, “You’re going to see results because I’m going to work you hard. You are my best advertisement and if you don’t have results, you aren’t a very good advertisement.” As
everyone says, you get out what you put in. Well this studio and these ladies help you put in everything you’ve got and reach the goals that you set. I would 100% recommend this studio to anyone who is
stuck, needs motivation, and wants to reach seemingly unattainable goals. If I can do it, so can you.


I have been working out at Lazy S Fitness for almost 7 months and have seen results from the beginning. I have never felt healthier or stronger since after playing college basketball, which was cut short due to a major shoulder replacement. Stephanie is so much more than just a trainer, she is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings every single morning. Her spunky, friendly personality creates a more than comfortable atmosphere. Each workout is made to challenge and push beyond our limit, and more than that they are fun. She motivates me personally and pushes me past to where I think I can’t go anymore, but I do and the results show! My energy, balance and flexibility have improved tremendously and the new muscles I have are showing more and more with every workout. If you want to live a better healthier life, Stephanie will lead you every single step of the way. Thank you Stephanie for not only being the best trainer, but also now a lifelong friend that will keep me on track and accountable.

Michael & Cassidy

My husband and I have been working out at Lazy S Fitness and with Stephanie for about 6 months now. We have done personal training and also the group classes. Stephanie is a great trainer – she doesn’t expect you to do anything she isn’t doing with you. The first few workouts we did with her were pretty tough but she got right down next to me and encouraged me and helped me complete the workout; she matched me move for move to get me through it and encouraged me the whole time. We have both definitely felt better since we’ve been working out hard with Stephanie and can see the progress and changes we are making. The group classes are great too – plenty of encouraging people who want to help push you to do and be better and get stronger. The training also ranges in theme from day to day: you can do cross-training one day, kickboxing, and even yoga. I would definitely recommend Stephanie and Lazy S Fitness to anyone looking to get started/continue on their fitness journey.


When I began working out with Stephanie I was unable to complete an entire workout without taking a break. She was extremely encouraging and made sure I understand how to modify the workouts. I began adding more workouts each week and began to see a difference in my ability to complete the workouts. Stephanie encouraged all of us to work at our own pace and not worry about what anyone else was doing. After a few months she convinced a few of us to sign-up for an obstacle course event. I was not convinced I would be able to complete it, but with Stephanie’s tutelage I was able to complete it. During my time with Stephanie I lost over 60 lbs. and transformed my body. As a woman in her early 50’s this was quite an accomplishment. Stephanie provides emotional, nutritional and physical support. She is the complete package!!


“Things get hectic in life and after having two kids, I didn’t feel like I use to.  I tried many times to be successful at meeting my workout goals on my own and did have some success but felt like I could do better.  In November 2017, I took Stephanie up on a free one-hour personal training session. We talked about my diet and that she supported the Keto plan.  Stephanie has shared meal ideas and answered every annoying question I have peppered her with about the Keto plan. Since then, I have been working out three times a week in her group classes.  It’s crazy to me how much I have changed in four months. Once I really focused on the Keto plan and working out, things just fell into place. I have lost 10 pounds and 14 inches going from a size 10/12 to a size 6!  I am more confident and have more energy to keep up with my family and work. One of the great things about working out at Lazy S Fitness is that I can bring my kids with me. They actually ask if they can go with me. I feel that I am setting a better example for them now.  Don’t get me wrong, each workout is hard but definitely worth it. Stephanie is a great motivator and truly cares about each person she helps. Each workout is unique and challenging. This keeps me coming back along with the support I receive from others in class and Stephanie.”


In January of 2016 two of my friends conned, peer pressured, persuaded me to join a gym with them to take a kickboxing class taught by some lady named Stephanie. Now I’d heard of Stephanie from these friends, she used to teach kickboxing classes at the university the three of us attended. They would always complain about how sore they were after her workouts, and I would just laugh and tell them that it couldn’t be that bad and they were just being babies. I took it all back after that first class!

For the first month, everything hurt (in the muscles-are-sore, good way), but after that I started to get the hang of it…sorta. Here I am, over 2 years later, and sometimes I still wonder what I got myself into. But there’s the catch or the point (however you want to take it), I’ve been working out with Stephanie for over 2 years!

In 2016, I started out going to one class a week, kickboxing; at the time my schedule wouldn’t allow me to attend more than that. In April of the same year my schedule had changed slightly; one of the same friends that got me to join the gym talked me into going to Stephanie’s bootcamp class. OWWWWW! I couldn’t finish the whole workout to save my life (couldn’t really do that with kickboxing either). But I stuck with it and started attending both kickboxing and bootcamp (two classes a week). In early fall my schedule changed again and I was able to go to three classes a week (two kickboxing and one bootcamp). During all this time Stephanie never let me give up, she kept pushing me to my limits making me push more, go farther, to finish. In October of 2016 I ran my first OCR and haven’t looked back since.

In the two years I’ve been with Stephanie, I have gone from an out of breath wimp, that couldn’t finish a 100’s workout, to a confident badass that has run four OCRs and can still finish a workout with energy to spare (most of the time). I still get sore. Cardio is still hard, but then again it’s not supposed be. Yoga is still my arch-nemesis. And the abs warm-ups never stop being the most difficult thing. All of that just means that Stephanie never stops encouraging me to improve. I’ve never had visible abs or muscle tone in my life, until now. I look better, I feel better, and I have a family (a fitfam as it were), and all of that is thanks for Stephanie.


My sophomore year in college my roommate told me about a kickboxing class offered on campus, so we decided to go check it out. The first day was one of the toughest workouts I’ve endured since high school athletics. We were both sore for days, but we went back! And I’m so glad we did. 

Stephanie knows how to motivate and push you past your mental limits, all while creating the most family oriented gym I’ve ever been to. Seven years later, I’m still with Stephanie and I have gotten more flexible and stronger than I ever had working out by myself. I started barely even able to touch my knees in a forward bend, and couldn’t quite kick up to hip height. Now I can lay my hands flat on the floor by my feet in a forward bend and I’m able to roundhouse kick over 6 ft! 

The best part about her studio is the family and support system you acquire at Lazy S. It really is a Fit Family. I never felt more comfortable embarrassing myself trying new, out of the box things in front of others than I do here. Everyone you meet is so friendly and supportive and it really is a team environment. 

After receiving my degree in sports and exercise science, Stephanie started teaching more about the training/instructing world of fitness and now I am one of her instructors as well.

She is the best mentor and coach that I’ve known and I’ll continue to train and coach at Lazy S!


Back in January of 2018, I found myself in a place that was very uncomfortable and rather unfamiliar – life as a “stay at home mom” (again). However, this time around, my daughter was school-aged, and I had nothing but time on my hands during the day… Rather than sit at home and waste away my afternoons being sedentary on the couch or simply sleeping all day, I knew that I had to do what was necessary for my overall health, well-being, and quality of life. Now, anyone that knows me is aware that on the surface (physically), I appeared to be a
rather fit and healthy individual, as I have always been slender and very lean. However, my energy, drive, motivation, and state of mind (with most anything) was extremely poor…that is where I was very unhealthy. I knew the only way to overcome any of this was by taking my new found “free time” and making a change!!

One evening while scrolling through Facebook, I came across a post for LAZY “S” FITNESS – it immediately caught my eye because of the family friendly environment I noticed right away in the pictures… I contacted Stephanie Stampfli (owner/operator/personal trainer) that
night, and without a doubt, it has been one of the very best, most life-changing decisions I have ever made!! Stephanie responded back immediately, and within days, I was meeting with her in person to discuss my health history and personal goals and even had my first workout that day!!

Stephanie at LAZY “S” FITNESS provides one-on-one support and training, as well as, group classes: mornings, throughout the day, and in the evenings – I love the flexibility of the scheduling…if something comes up (because we all know, “life” happens), I’m able to get my
workout in no matter what, AND if necessary, bring my daughter along! With an environment that is so incredibly family friendly, oftentimes, other moms or dads have kiddos there playing (with toys provided in a toy area…so awesome!!). Let me make myself clear, however, “family-friendly” does NOT take away from the intensity or seriousness of the work-out!! Stephanie pushes each and every person to achieve his/her highest potential based on that individual’s
ability and personal goals. THAT is just another reason LAZY “S” FITNESS has been such a tremendous positive in my life! Even on my “worst” days or those mornings when I’m “just not feeling it”, I’ll do anything and everything to get to my work-out because I KNOW how great the change has been in my life, and I want to continue with that forward momentum.

Because of the support and coaching of Stephanie at LAZY “S” FITNESS, my energy and stamina is better and stronger than it has ever been! I’m nearly 39 years old, and I feel as good (if not better) than I did in my twenties!! For the first time in 12 years, I function on “all four cylinders” – before getting into a work-out routine and taking care of my overall health and wellness (with the help of supplements), I had started to accept that getting “older” would simply feel like functioning on two or three cylinders. Now I realize life DOES NOT have to be that way…you just have to make the CHOICE!!

LAZY “S” FITNESS with Stephanie Stampfli’s Health and Wellness Coaching is for anyone seeking to better themselves – we are a family and a team, and we all love and support one another… I’ve truly never been part of anything more incredible.